1. Row Houses

    Pittsburgh, PA

  2. Pittsburgh, PA


  4. The Salt City Circuit is an alternative proposal that I am pitching to the ongoing Interstate 81 debate.  The two current options before the public are to tear down the interstate completely and replace it with a boulevard OR to rebuild it with a different look in its current footprint.  The current location of the interstate is seen by some city officials, university staff and other Syracusans as a physical barrier between Syracuse University campus and downtown Syracuse.

  5. Proposition for the I-81 CHALLENGE in Syracuse, NY.  This proposal would KEEP the viaduct, create a central CITY LOOP for traffic flow and CREATE a beautiful wide boulevard to promote integration between Syracuse University and downtown.

  6. Maple Ridge Wind Farm

  7. Maple Ridge Wind Farm

  8. Maple Ridge Wind Farm

  9. Maple Ridge Wind Farm

  10. Lake Colby

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